Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This evening Momo and i had the opportunity to attend a Salt Lake Bees baseball game. in luxury. One of the accounting firms my office works with has a suite at the games and gave the tax guys a bunch of tickets. One of the guys then gave me two tickets (so i could bring a friend). i assume i was invited because i was so awesome at helping with their projects this summer. Just saying lol. Anyways. The suite was air conditioned, had an amazing view of the field, dinner, dessert, soda, to-go boxes for the food....put simply: it was luxurious. Coming from two seniors in college, we don't get that kind of luxury ever. Everyone who came was so fun and the game was great AND the Bees mascot CAME TO OUR SUITE! Of course that called for a picture. All in all, a fabbity-fab-fab evening with my best friend :)

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