Friday, June 28, 2013

sometimes we change

Sometime we change. Sometimes it's together; other times it's apart.

The hard part is accepting that this change is inevitable. it's difficult learning to be ok with it. But eventually you realize that it wasn't only one person changing; it's been both of you all along.

While neither of you really saw it as it was happening, the moment has arrived to accept that it did indeed happen. The change occurred. Now what?

Now you keep going. Keep changing. Keep living. You may have grown apart a little bit. But you haven't lost each other.

Maybe the change is for the best. Maybe it's supposed to heal the wounds, help the scar tissue build.

Then maybe you'll change together again.

For now, don't stop changing. it's a good change; even if it doesn't feel like it at the moment. it may feel like your heart has been ripped out, or maybe your stomach is in knots, or maybe you're on the verge of a panic attack at the thought of this mighty change.

But change it is. And you CAN make the best of it. Because, most likely, it's for the best. For both of you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Rent signs and the crazies, they'll getcha...

...with their rude personalities!

You would think that someone who has a For Rent sign in their yard/window would be more than willing to let you come in and take a look at what the apartment has to offer. Or if they simply think you HAVE to schedule an appointment then they would let you know in a polite manner.

But no.

During the Great Apartment Hunt of 2013 Miss Momo and i went to multiple apartments where Provo is apparently stashing all the crazies. The first place (where i scheduled the original appointment) was adorable. The girl selling the contract was actually normal and super cute.

Then we went wandering (note: unless you're secure about yourself DON'T wander in Provo because you will be judged. Even by the crazies).

One girl gave us a tour like this: "This is our kitchen. Look at it. This is the hall closet. Look at it. This is the bathroom. This is the small bedroom. Look at it. This is my room, kinda messy. Look at it. i'll show you the upstairs bedroom. *proceed upstairs, past the kitchen* That's gross. *the girl in the room upstairs didn't want us to see her room. She gave a very curt "NO"* You can leave through the front door"

Seriously? First of all, we have eyes. OBVIOUSLY we are looking. Second, the look around had me bailing before i saw the rooms because i am NOT cleaning up after that kind of "gross" mess. Last, common curtesy dictates you show people to the door and see them on their way.

Every apartment we saw after that went very similar (minus the "look at it" bit). Thankfully we happened upon the apartment we've been searching for all along and we don't have to subject ourselves to the crazies anymore.

(Now, to be fair, maybe Miss Momo and i are the crazies because we still expect those kinds of manners from people. But still).

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"time sighed"...

i had the chance to start rereading my absolute favorite book again today. oh, how i love love!

"Beyond reason, beyond any sane rationalization, beyond anything reasonable, she was having her door currently opened by a man who she absolutely knew wasn't what he was pretending to be. 
    He held out his hand to help her out of the car. 
    And time stopped
    She wasn't one to indulge in thoughts of magical moments or slices of time where Karma was doing what she did, but she was left with no choice but to acknowledge that she was, unwillingly and with a good deal of unease, facing one of those moments. The world had gone still and quiet, as if it along with time held its breath for something monumental to happen. 
    Tess didn't dare look at John to see if he was wrapped up in the same bit of stardusty sort of stuff she was. She simply took a very careful breath and put her hand in his. 
     As if she'd done it a million unthinking, unremarkable times before. 
    Only she hadn't. 
    Time sighed."

(the link will take you to the B&N listing for the book One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland where this excerpt is from)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

cupcake redemption & a fabbity-fab-fab day

Did i say i would make beautiful cupcakes, or what? Check it out!

 i made sure to get the ingredients for the chocolate-sour cream cupcakes (i have NEVER had a bad batch of these) and then i got so excited at how beautifully they were baking that i went all out with the frosting. Each cupcake was double-dipped in chocolate ganache, cooled, and then frosted with a half-and-half frosting (half buttercream, half cream cheese) before they were drizzled with chocolate and butterscotch ganaches. Well, not each cupcake is the same as you can see. Some people don't like butterscotch so i left it off a few; and i did run out of frosting so i left some with just chocolate ganache because that is ALWAYS delicious.

i'd also gotten some cupcake boxes so that i could present them to a few lucky souls in the most beautiful of packaging. i added the refrigeration reminder and my mini logo (which i designed - or doodled - a couple of weeks ago).

i also designed a normal logo which i'm just loving! it's changed a smidge since i first drew it with a sharpie and some highlighters but this is the basic concept.

AND Mama Toth made the most genius of comments today and told me that i should get these trademarked so no one else uses them before i can actually get a business up and rolling. in talking with one of my friends it turns out he knows quite a bit about the ins and outs of starting a business (as he's done his own) and he's more than willing to help me. Huzzah!

That combined with the excitement of a cupcake decorating FHE this coming Monday where i get to make the cupcakes, a FANTASTiC day at work, AND i got to wear my new (and extremely comfortable) maxi skirt and jean jacket, AND i started rereading one of my favorite books just makes for fabbity-fab-fab day!

Life is good. Life is great. Life is fab!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oh, how the cupcakes have turned

Today's attempts at baking fell....flat. Maybe the cupcakes sensed my excitement at finding another potentially phenomenal yellow cake recipe and thought it would be funny to make them volcano out of the tins.

Well guess what? it wasn't very funny. it was rather disappointing.

Which leads me to say that Yahoo! better check their recipes before claiming "it's the only yellow cake recipe you'll ever need". Psh! NOT TRUE. 1 FULL tablespoon of baking powder? Are you completely crazy? Baking powder is what makes the product (in this case cupcakes) rise. A typical recipe calls for maybe 1 1/2 teaspoons at the most. This recipe called for TWiCE that; it made me iffy but i figured i would try it out and see what happened.

it didn't work.

The frosting recipe associated with it on the other hand turned out rather delicious.

To go along with the frosting i decided i could just make some chocolate cupcakes and call it good. Except i didn't have sour cream for my go-to recipe so i used another.

Guess what? Those didn't turn out either. Just another sunken volcanic looking mess.

Oh, how the cupcakes have turned against me. No worries though, tomorrow is another day and they WiLL turn out beautiful. Just watch.