Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Change is here. Whether for good or bad, it’s here. And i think it’s for great. The new school year brings the first semester of my program, new roommates, pretty much a new ward (almost everyone moved out from summer), new job responsibilities and goals, new friends, new interests. With this change, i’ve given myself some goals:

- Attend EVERY class period (unless illness or emergency prevent me)

- Read ALL assigned material (or at least skim)

- Converse and actively participate in classroom discussions

- Attend big ward activities

- When issues arise, let those involved know promptly (otherwise things become personal and all hell breaks loose)

- Ask more boys on dates

- Attend campus and community events

I figure these are good semi-general goals that i can stand to improve. Here’s to embracing the change and meeting it head on.

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