Tuesday, April 30, 2013

summer 2013 bucket list (pt. 3)

7. Order dessert first at a restaurant

Tonight the ArmyMan made a special trip down to my part of Utah so we could have dinner before he leaves for a three-week training. When i asked what would be on the evening's agenda he responded with, "hmmm..what do we still need to cross off your list?" (adorable, right? right). After listing off the items available he thought dessert first would be our goal; and so it was done.

We decided Chili's would adequately help us complete the task because their dessert menu just rocks your socks off. Molten Chocolate Cake? Yes, please! i think the wait staff thought we were a bit crazy because of our order. This surprises me because you'd think more people would want to have their dessert first. it's not THAT obscure of a request, is it?

Anywho. We essentially scarfed our food down like there was no tomorrow; i was just really hungry and the ArmyMan hadn't eaten since breakfast. i think you can understand the hunger.

All in all, a lovely meal (even though it was backwards) and a fantastic night hanging with the ArmyMan.

Item 7? Check!

(on a side note, i realized i'm really bad at documenting adventures in pictures. Something to work on, ESPECIALLY for the paragliding)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

late-night spend-overs

Spend-over = the equivalent of a sleepover or spend-the-night. Miss Momo's niece, Arden, calls them spend-overs so we've adopted the word too.

Miss Momo and i love spend-overs. Especially the unplanned kind because it's generally super late and spontaneous (and who doesn't love spontaneity?)

These were fairly common when we were roommates and we'd end up falling asleep watching TV or just chilling in the living room. When morning came (and by morning i mean when we decided to wake up because it was technically morning when we went to sleep) we would have a cereal party. it was always grand.

Last night ended up with another late-night spend-over. We ended up watching House at the End of the Street with Miss Kirs and Bingo and Little J which made neither of us want to sleep alone. So we crashed on her couch and watched Gilmore Girls and talked.

i didn't realize how much i missed that. Just being able to talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING; school, boys, future plans...Just talk. At least the time for spend-overs isn't over.

wonky: it's a word


1 British : unsteady, shaky
2 chiefly British : awry, wrong
Lately i've been using the word "wonky" quite a bit and i think it's quite hilarious. i had thought that i just made it up because i honestly don't remember hearing it anywhere. And THEN i was reading a blog that i follow and the fabulous blogger used the word "wonky"! i was elated at the fact that i am not the only one using this word; this led to Googling said word to see if anyone else uses it. Turns out it's British slang. Check that out! (Although i don't know if anyone else uses it as a noun. But whatever)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

flirty findings

Tonight i went on a drink run with Miss Chaela and Miss Ariel (Miss Chaela's family calls it "getting a bev". Adorable, right?) and as we were getting in the car to come back to the apartments Miss Chaela goes "Emme, can i tell you about an awesome compliment you received the other day?" Rather surprised to here this i said "Sure?" because i really didn't know who would be talking about me or why, but by all means compliments are fab!

She tells me she'd been hanging out at one of the guys' apartments a little ways back (within the last week, i believe) and the conversation turns to girls and dating and whatnot. Kind of a dating panel situation where you can just ask whatever you feel and someone will give you an honest answer. These conversations can be rather handy when you actually have both genders represented but at the same time you can't always follow the advice to a T because everyone's different. Anywho. Dating conversation. Miss Chaela asks what it is about some girls that they just get asked out a lot (because you have the obvious super-hot-gorgeous chicks who you know just get asked out all the time, but then there are girls who are just absolute dolls and super cute such as yourself and you wonder what they're doing that you aren't kind of thing). The guys discuss a few qualities and then one of them (Hawaii #1) says "you just need to be like Emme. Like, she's the perfect balance of being sweet and showing she's interested without being overbearing". Huh. According to Hawaii #1 i'm the perfect flirt. Which really is quite the compliment (especially considering he's quite the dater). So ya. interesting because i don't consider myself to be all that expert in flirting or dating by any means but i try to be fun and just not too analytical about it (which is a challenge because over-thinking is easy to do). But ya. Apparently i'm good?

cupcakes expanding

The last few months (this whole semester, pretty much) i've had a difficult time finding the motivation to bake cupcakes (which is strange because i LOVE to bake). i would want to and then realize i didn't have half the ingredients or i couldn't decide on a recipe or i was just so tired after school and work that standing for a few hours while baking didn't sound appealing. So i only ended up actually baking a few times.

Well that has all changed. My dear sister, Miss Kierston, gave me an early birthday present: a cupcake apron! it says "She who bakes takes the cake". Perfect.

This (and my recent obsession with Cake Boss) have led to a whole new drive for baking cupcakes!

Last night's creation was Chocolate Sour-Cream Cupcakes (my absolute favorite chocolate recipe!) and chocolate buttercream. Now the buttercream is the key here because i came up with it ALL ON MY OWN! And i kid you not, it tastes exactly like my mom's homemade fudge! Done and done, my absolute fave cupcakes.

i also decided to mess around with decorating and just do whatever i felt like; hence, the mish-mash of everything known to mankind in this one batch of cupcakes.

So be prepared, world, because it's summer and the cupcakes are coming!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

summer 2013 bucket list (pt. 2)

11. Eat a whole roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum at one time

This last weekend began the endeavor that is my Summer 2013 Bucket List. it started with getting Philly Cheesesteaks at DP Cheesesteaks with the ArmyMan who happens to be my bucket list buddy (because some of the items are just not as fun all by your lonesome). He asked what the items on the list were and decided that we should begin at once! So we did.

We began with "eat a whole roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum at one time". Let me tell you, it is gross! And full of hilariosity. There we were sitting on the couch with our mouths completely full of gum; you can't talk or anything because your mouth it literally FULL. it really was hilarious until we began to feel like we might throw up and i started to laugh which made chewing the gum even more difficult and i felt like i might die (at which point we spit out the gum).

it was also fairly funny because ArmyMan was able to fit the gum in all at once and it took me about five bites to get my roll of gum to even fit in my mouth (this is one of those items that just really would make you look like a wonky to do it by yourself).

So there you have it. Item 11? Check!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"i like you"

Found this on Pinterest. i think it's adorable (hopefully you do too).

summer 2013 bucket list (pt. 1)

i have this bucket list. And it's beautiful. i printed a whole bunch of those "before i die" and "bucket list" pics you can find on Pinterest (and a bunch of other places on the internet) and then i organized them into categories and put them all together in a nice little red photo album. i've slowly (very very slowly) been checking them off with shiny star stickers and the dates the deeds were accomplished and any explanation i feel is necessary. i love this list.

What does this have to do with a 2013 to-do list? EVERYTHING! Because i have chosen 12 awesome "to-do's" and the goal is to complete this mini list before my cohort semester begins in the fall.

Can i do it? You betcha! Feel free to join in because let's face it, completing this list is going to be full of fun fun fun!

So without further ado, here's the goal:

1. own a mockingjay pin (for those who don't know what a mockingjay is, here's a link to The Hunger Games trilogy on Barnes&Noble. Buy it. Read it. Love it.)

2. go paragliding (you can do this in Utah at Point of the Mountain here)

3. drink from a coconut

4. eat enough Skittles to taste the rainbow

5. dye my hair a crazy color (the temporary kind over the weekend. i love my hair too much to do anything drastic)

6. see a platypus up close

7. order dessert first at a restaurant

8. paint roses red

9. find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

10. own a pair of nude pumps (aka high heels)

11. eat a whole roll of Hubba Bubba gum at one time

12. go to a drive-in movie (it's been years since i've been)

. . . .

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” 

                  ~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a family trip and "see you soon"

Miss Shannee's wedding was last week and in honor of that my sisters from Colorado came out to visit. it was a glorious week of shopping, eating, late night conversations, and sleep overs. And the wedding shenanigans of course.

 The first night after all of the family had arrived we got to party it up with the Christiansen clan for Shannee and Jorgen's family dinner. it was the first time in probably 10 or so years that ALL of the Christiansen girls and ALL of the Toth girls were together in one place (in case you weren't aware that is a very long time and we thus had to celebrate this).

That night the nieces also got to have a very special spend-the-night at Auntie Em's apartment complete with nail painting, a cereal party, a massive sleepover in the living room, and watching Brave.

Zoey decided she was full of funny faces:


 The wedding followed the next day; there was much hustle and bustle to make sure everyone was ready (we did have about 10 people, almost all kids, to get to the temple in time to see the lovely couple). There was a lot going on at the temple and so many pictures being taken that i didn't get very many myself. But i did happen to catch Miss Calah, Little Miss Evie, and Miss Shannee cheesing it up super quick (aren't they beautiful?).

That very night my two oldest nephews had the grand opportunity of staying the night in Provo so that they could go to class with me on Friday. Stetson even said that he felt like he was already changing into an adult after he walked on some of the apartment stairs. Ya, it's that cool apparently. We did end up having a blast, me and the two boys. Our morning line up included breakfast at the CougarEat, meandering the book store and campus, and attending my one Friday class (Cognitive Development). Upon our travels we found that this very day the great people of BYU were creating the World's Largest Cardboard Castle. it was still under construction as we left, but they were doing a smashing job of creating the castle.

Now remember when i mentioned the Toth sisters being together finally (minus Miss Amber because they were in the process of moving and i think Tovah still had school, we did miss them terribly. And still do). But since the other four of us were together we celebrated the event with a Sisters' Night. These festivities were grand and all out fab. There was an absolute delish dinner at Chili's complete with chips & queso and dessert, a drink run to the Holiday (no not alcohol you crazies, drink run = fountain drinks aka heavenly elixir), and two whole episodes of The Vampire Diaries. it was pretty freaking awesome because we laughed basically the whole time and talked over each other and we were loud and it was great. Because that's just how we are.

 Easter also came early this last week because everyone had to leave before or on Easter itself. The kids got their Easter baskets and we all went to the park for an Easter egg hunt. it was pretty much the cutest thing because the little girls thought it was just the coolest thing ever, especially after they realized there was candy INSIDE the eggs. The hunt took a turn for being even more awesome when the adults began sliding on the curvy slides and Miss Kierston and Stetson began wrestling. i love my family :)

To top the whole weekend off Miss Calah and i had the grand opportunity of joining the Christiansen family for one last family dinner before Miss Shannee and Jorgen embarked on their next adventure across the Pond to Denmark (our family had already left back to Colorado at this point). One last drink run was made to 7-Eleven. We piled into the truck (literally) and it's one of my favorite adventures.

So as far as our goodbyes went it's "see you soon, Miss Shannee!" because "soon" sounds a lot better than "later" and it really isn't goodbye.