Sunday, January 26, 2014

music pt. 98

i will admit that i sobbed to this song driving home last night...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a monday day date

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day this last week, neither the Fireman or i had school (he doesn't have school on Mondays anyways, but whatever). in honor of having a few spare moments where we didn't have to think about school or work we went on a Monday day date full of fun! The plan was to take the Frontrunner train from Provo to Ogden and back since the Fireman's favorite things in the entire whole wide world are trains.

To make the most of our time, we started early. We made the train in Provo right before 8 in the AM and made a stop in Orem for breakfast.

Our adventure included quite a bit of walking and meandering.

The train ride north was full of chatter, pictures, music, and Mad Libs. We're obviously just really hilarious. 

The adventure continued at Union Station in Ogden. The day really turned out to be quite the fantastic train date. The Fireman waltzed with me through the main room on our way to tour the train exhibit (the little old man at the information desk even clapped for us).

We decided on our way back south (as we munched on delicious Lunchables) that it would only make sense to play in Salt Lake for a wee smidge. We meandered through City Creek spending quite a bit of time at Deseret Book (i just love the book stores!).

By the time we headed back down to Provo for good, we were both exhausted and starving. Good thing we had Joe Bandido's planned for dinner because i don't know if anything would have sufficed. The chips and salsa are divine and make the trip to Springville worth it (unlike Guru's. i'm still peeved about that warm salsa the other day...)

As you can see, Monday day dates are really just fabbity-fab-fab and i can see many more coming. 

*Sidenote: after deleting the pictures on my computer they deleted from the blog...oh well.

Friday, January 17, 2014

i just keep coming back...

to this song. A lot has happened over the last few weeks. Like the start of my last ever semester of college. The start of my student teaching. The realization that I'll be leaving my current job before the start of the next school year. Complications and frustrations all around my life. And i keep coming back to this song when the day is out.

Don't you worry. i'll be just fine. And i am fine for the most part. Absolutely great a lot of the time. Just gotta move past the stress...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

the fireman

The Fireman and i have been dating for a couple of months now so it's only fitting to actually introduce him.

For starters, he's a certified firefighter (obviously) working his way to fight wildland fires.

We met at a ward bonfire at the beginning of Fall semester, he asked if i wanted to light some sparklers with him, and that was that. Actually, we didn't see each other for a few weeks. Until one fine Sunday he and his roommate sat next to me at church. The Fireman complimented me by telling me how cute i looked and proceeded to invite me to attend the dating Sunday School class. He then officially asked me on a date and that was (kind of) that. 

We went on some dates (both spontaneous and planned), decided we really like each other, and things got exclusive. 

Pretty much just very exciting. 

Things since have been fab and The Fireman is grand. We even love each other (crazy, right?). We have tons of fun, even if it's just a chill night watching a movie. Once we turned on The Emperor's New Groove to see if we could quote the whole movie. He opens doors for me, he plays guitar, he embraces and brings out the silly in me, he loves kids, he's opinionated like crazy, he loves tasteybevs, we sometimes speak small phrases in French (with the trusty help of Google Translate), he loves trains, he tells me i'm beautiful all the time, he hugs me tight... all good things, all good things.

He visited home over Christmas break and got to meet the fam. They were welcoming and grand (as always) and it was simply lovely getting to spend my vacation with all those people i love. We spent some time with his fam when we got back to Utah and, again, it was simply lovely.

Life for us is now zooming ahead what with the start of a new semester and everything. Our schedules are hectic and bizarre sometimes but he embraces it with me. 

i can't predict everything in the future but things are looking bright!