Sunday, August 19, 2012

endless words...

i can't seem to stop writing. Words just keep coming. Some meaningless, some as important as all get-out. They just come. Which is how all of my journals/diaries begin. i want to write and write (or type and type as is sometimes the case) because i want to find the perfect outlet for all these thoughts constantly swirling around my head. i've tried real diaries, you know, the kind you buy at Barnes & Noble with the daily quotes inside. Those always end in a bust because i feel like my thoughts aren't always lofty enough for those hardcover-bound pages. i've tried a simple spiral notebook. And then i feel like my thoughts just..become lost somehow. Next was the Word document. Perfect, right? On my computer, easy access, a fast outlet for thoughts, easy editing, you can add pictures..perfect. And yet not. All of these diary/journal attempts end in utter despair and loathing of either the outlet or my thoughts. Did i really think those thoughts? Was i really into that guy? Or that upset over something so miniscule? Who's to say this blog won't end the same way? No one. Maybe it will. Or maybe i've finally found the one outlet that is perfect for me. So similar to the Word document and yet....completely different. All i can say for now is that the words are endless and this is their escape.

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