Friday, August 24, 2012

cupcake wars

You may think this post will be about the TV show Cupcake Wars, a genius competition pitting four cupcakeries against each other for $10,000 and showcasing their cupcakes at a celebrity event. Well it's not. Sadly, this is a war between me and my cupcakes. i had found the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe. it failed me today. Two whole batches overflowed like Vesuvius and then pathetically caved in in the middle. it was the most tragic thing. i was able to salvage about half of the cupcakes and filled them with frosting. i can't serve people skiwampus cupcakes! The new people in the ward have already been told by others that i always make cupcakes and they're always good. i have to keep up with these high expectations because i KNOW i can make yummy and pretty cupcakes. Which may be why the ones today turned out so tragic: karma kicking me in the butt for being so confident.

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