Thursday, April 10, 2014

so many fab things!

Miss Momo is a married woman. And they are really the cutest little Hoosier couple you'll ever see. The wedding was small, simple, and absolutely beautiful. i am so excited to see them begin their married life because they are so good for each other and together.

Last week at school was Teacher Appreciation Week. Which, when your students know what that means, is a very darling thing. The girls in my class brought me flower clippings and homemade cards throughout the week. it was so sweet because they simply love being at school and they seem to really enjoy having me as a teacher. it makes those slightly rough days worth so worth it because each of these kids is just amazing.

 Being a teacher means i also get Spring Break (huzzah!). Great things, right? And it really has been a lovely week. it began with a wonderful getaway to the Midway house with the fam and some friends for General Conference. We ate, we played, we were spiritually fed. it was fab. The kids and i had a blast as we played tickle monster, built a mini-fort, and watched Frozen (obviously). That lead in, plus going with the Lawyer and some friends to the Provo Rehab Center to sing hymns (simply amazing. There are some really sweet folks there), just spelled for a fantastic week. The weather turned for the Spring-ier rather than continuing Second Winter which meant it was time to play outside. The Lawyer and i went to the park to read the other day and decided it was so nice to be there that we should gather up our friends and come again to play.

We did just that and had a rather good turnout. i made cupcakes, we brought some snacky things, and great playing was had by all. Miss Momo and her man ended being at the park playing Corn Hole AT THE SAME TiME (it really was a surprise) and they joined us for a wee smidge. They left for dinner and a pickup game of soccer started which ended up being the best thing ever. You know it's been a successful Spring/Summer day when your feet are grass-stained from playing outside. Simply lovely.

The Lawyer also got me hooked on Arrested Development and we're only two episodes away from finishing the whole series. i have to admit (considering i am now hooked) that it really is a fun show. Ever so punny and full of all things hilarious.

On Monday i made myself a book list (surprise, surprise, i know). i've done this countless times but this book list is different. BECAUSE it's in a jar. That's right. i always read the same things which isn't terrible due to the fact that i love them so much; i would like to branch out though. Get into the classics and whatnot. This is hard for me. i like the books i like because they suck me in. i get carried away and don't come back until the adventure is over. i have a hard time believing that's going to happen with the classics. Probably because i had to write papers on the couple i read back in high school...Anyways. So each book was put on it's own wee bit of paper, folded up, starred (it has to be cute, right?) and piled into my darling little star jar. Now, as i finish a book and need something else to read, i simply pull out a slip of paper and read that book. Wonderful, right? i started with Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck per the Lawyer's recommendation (his first recommendation is currently all checked out at the library). So far, so good. it's no Harry Potter but it is nice. We'll see how the rest of these pan out.

i was able to go visit the cemetery this week as well. i feel bad because it's been so long since i've taken flowers over to the family and Reeves (mine and Ethan's adopted buddy since the tree next to his grave provided excellent shade). For a bit there i tried to take flowers every so often to Grandma, her family, and Reeves. And then i forgot. But no longer! They all have fresh, happy, colorful flowers! AND they moved Reeves grave! i almost couldn't find him because he's no longer by his tree. He's out in the open sunshine. Thankfully, i did find him.

Life has some fab things going on. All of the above plus my upcoming graduation and a potential teaching job for next year (when i know if it's a for sure or not, i'll actually explain about that). Just, fabbity-fab things.