Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hell: Comcast Edition

Comcast may have catchy commercials, but their customer service sucks. i swear, i just get transferred all around to the different departments because none of them can ever help me when we have internet problems. Until i got in contact with Michael (my new Comcast go-to rep). He is the only one who has been of any help with switching our internet and fixing the glitches. Which is lame. AND it's been this way for the past TWO YEARS that we've been Comcast customers. WTF?! Momo even calls getting upset "going Comcast" because she's had to give them a piece of her mind more than once in order to get anything done. AND i had to call my brother to have him help with the internet network because i knew he would be able to. He doesn't work for Comcast, use Comcast, AND he lives in another state and he was able to tell me how to fix it. And yet the trained (paid) employees were not. Ya. Pretty much hellish. i totally owe my brother cupcakes.

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