Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Legend of The Turn Signal

Once upon a time when Ford and all those car inventors were doing their thing and inventing the automobile, one such genius said, “Hey! These automobiles are going to be thousands of pounds of metal racing along at high speeds all over town and that, my friends, is unsafe”. After this eureka moment, Genius Man teamed up with Edison and his amazing light bulbs to transform the automobile into something better than it was. Something safer. Something genius. Their combined teamwork created The Turn Signal. Equipped on both the front and back of the automobile as well as the left and right sides (of the front and back) the turn signal would SIGNAL to other travelers which way you planned to go. Want to turn right? Well flip that little lever up and, voila!, everyone is made aware and can drive accordingly. Want to turn left? Well flip that little lever down and, voila!, same thing. The world was in awe of Genius Man and Edison’s invention. Positively GENIUS. All automobile manufacturers wanted these Turn Signals to be installed on their models and it was done. Genius Man also realized that The Turn Signal would save many a life and headache because drivers would no longer be angry and blurt out those four letter words because they don’t know what people plan to do. No more! Again, genius. And THEN! And then society remembered that, hey, we’re all mind-readers here. Just read the minds of those around you and then you don’t have to take the extra two seconds to flip the lever either way because we all know that is the biggest hassle ever. Come on people. So The Turn Signal, though genius in the eyes of Genius Man, Edison, and the manufacturers went unused and unloved. And these men of genius IQ wept bitterly for they knew the truth: we are NOT mind-readers…

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