Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a skip and a hop down memory lane

While driving home from the Bees game last night, Momo and i began to reminisce about our favorite year of college: freshman year. Heaven knows the drive from Salt Lake takes forever and day so we had plenty of time. There’s just something about the dorm experience. Having your bed raised sky high, decorating over the atrocious brick walls, sharing the bathroom.

That was the year that gLee started and we were all obsessed, i don’t even know how many times we had gLee karaoke sessions.

it was also the year that Momo and Whitney got me hooked on The Bachelor. it was about 4 or 5 episodes into Jake Pavelka’s season and they were watching it on Momo’s computer. They then informed me that it was necessary to catch up because he was just so dang amazing. i then proceeded to catch up on the 10 or so hours i had missed. We all loved him until we realized he was actually more of a sissy and just kinda weird and very much into the wrong girl. During the season finale we were all watching on the TV in the basement of our dorm and a group came in to have FHE and actually tried to kick us out. Lame. They proceeded to be extremely loud so we left and found a whole floor of girls watching on their common area TV. Perfect!

Freshman year was also when Dairy Queen and Wendy’s were our special treats because none of us were working or had cars. Our go-to gas station for Dr Pepper was Chevron and we never had to worry about parking for football games because we lived right next to the stadium. Our snacks of choice were goldfish crackers, shark fruit snacks, and mint Oreos. We also spent about two weeks eating out of the vending machines because we were tired of the Cannon Center.

Momo and i had a Calculus class together and would do our homework on my bed. We’d fill my Tinkerbell bowl with goldfish and fruit snacks and then attempt to understand the concepts. We always ended up feeling like we were slap-happy and everything was funny. Then it was nap time and she would take Camille’s bed until Camille got back from class.

We had sleepovers on the uncomfortable couches in the common area while watching terrible late night TV. Momo and i had a sleepover on our bathroom floor because we still wanted to be up talking but both our roommates had gone to bed. We closed the door to the section with the toilet and shower and then laid a million blankets on the tile so we could be semi comfortable. Our pillows were in the middle so that our heads were next to each so we could talk and then our feet were sticking out into our individual rooms. Momo, Camille, Whitney and i also had a sleepover in mine and Camille’s room. We pushed our beds together, stuck the mini fridge under the beds (it was an adventure trying to get anything) and then jumped on the beds, had a dance party, and watched sad sob-fest movies.

We took a weekend trip to the Dibble’s Midway house and all hell broke loose in the middle of it. Some of the girls brought their laptops and Momo had gotten upset because it should have been a weekend away from everything and all of us actually spending time together. Which it really should have been. Kirsten picked her up early and the rest of us just stayed. i ended up annoyed with everyone because they were upset with her and she was upset with us so I decided to stay the night at Calah’s after we got back from Midway. While Calah and i were driving to her house we were just passing Orem and she helped me realize that Momo needed me. it was her against everyone and she needed a friend at the moment. So i informed Momo that she was my best friend and the whole situation was stupid and invited her to Calah’s. We turned right around and picked her up. i think that was the biggest turning point in our friendship. i don’t know what would have happened had I just left for the night and not said anything to her.

Freshman year was the year of Ari and her crazy self. We always got a kick out of the weird things she’d say and do. Oh, random roommates.

it was also the year that i spent New Year’s Eve with Tommy. He picked me up at the dorms, we went sledding, walked around, went to his sister’s, went to the movies, and then after dinner went to the movies again with Calah, Matt and his family. Afterwards we all went to DeeDee and Floyd’s house for games and treats. Tommy and surprised everyone with a Nerf gun sneak attack which turned into a Nerf war with Matt’s cousins. (Tommy had surprised me with a Nerf gun attack prior to this and we had a battle in the dorm parking lot. He ended up letting me keep both Nerf guns which i still have).

We hung out with Kyle a lot and would have him come to dinner with us at the Cannon Center. He tried to take a snack size bag of chips out once and they told him off for it. The Cannon Center staff was notoriously stingy about food leaving the building. Super lame.

 That year we all dressed up as Pop Tarts for Halloween and got a million compliments on our costumes.

 Finals week for Winter semester i was in my navy blue BYU shirt and some sweats all week and Momo was in an indiana shirt and basketball shorts all week. We had a photo shoot with Whitney when we were watching Kyle play rugby because we had been watching America’s Next Top Model right before.

After all was packed up and cleaned, Momo and i loaded up the car she and Kirs shared (it was brought back from indy after Christmas break) and took it to their family friend’s house. We unloaded the whole thing and were invited to stay for dinner before making the hour/hour and a half trip back to Provo.

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