Tuesday, April 30, 2013

summer 2013 bucket list (pt. 3)

7. Order dessert first at a restaurant

Tonight the ArmyMan made a special trip down to my part of Utah so we could have dinner before he leaves for a three-week training. When i asked what would be on the evening's agenda he responded with, "hmmm..what do we still need to cross off your list?" (adorable, right? right). After listing off the items available he thought dessert first would be our goal; and so it was done.

We decided Chili's would adequately help us complete the task because their dessert menu just rocks your socks off. Molten Chocolate Cake? Yes, please! i think the wait staff thought we were a bit crazy because of our order. This surprises me because you'd think more people would want to have their dessert first. it's not THAT obscure of a request, is it?

Anywho. We essentially scarfed our food down like there was no tomorrow; i was just really hungry and the ArmyMan hadn't eaten since breakfast. i think you can understand the hunger.

All in all, a lovely meal (even though it was backwards) and a fantastic night hanging with the ArmyMan.

Item 7? Check!

(on a side note, i realized i'm really bad at documenting adventures in pictures. Something to work on, ESPECIALLY for the paragliding)

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