Tuesday, April 16, 2013

summer 2013 bucket list (pt. 2)

11. Eat a whole roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum at one time

This last weekend began the endeavor that is my Summer 2013 Bucket List. it started with getting Philly Cheesesteaks at DP Cheesesteaks with the ArmyMan who happens to be my bucket list buddy (because some of the items are just not as fun all by your lonesome). He asked what the items on the list were and decided that we should begin at once! So we did.

We began with "eat a whole roll of Hubba Bubba bubble gum at one time". Let me tell you, it is gross! And full of hilariosity. There we were sitting on the couch with our mouths completely full of gum; you can't talk or anything because your mouth it literally FULL. it really was hilarious until we began to feel like we might throw up and i started to laugh which made chewing the gum even more difficult and i felt like i might die (at which point we spit out the gum).

it was also fairly funny because ArmyMan was able to fit the gum in all at once and it took me about five bites to get my roll of gum to even fit in my mouth (this is one of those items that just really would make you look like a wonky to do it by yourself).

So there you have it. Item 11? Check!

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