Sunday, April 21, 2013

late-night spend-overs

Spend-over = the equivalent of a sleepover or spend-the-night. Miss Momo's niece, Arden, calls them spend-overs so we've adopted the word too.

Miss Momo and i love spend-overs. Especially the unplanned kind because it's generally super late and spontaneous (and who doesn't love spontaneity?)

These were fairly common when we were roommates and we'd end up falling asleep watching TV or just chilling in the living room. When morning came (and by morning i mean when we decided to wake up because it was technically morning when we went to sleep) we would have a cereal party. it was always grand.

Last night ended up with another late-night spend-over. We ended up watching House at the End of the Street with Miss Kirs and Bingo and Little J which made neither of us want to sleep alone. So we crashed on her couch and watched Gilmore Girls and talked.

i didn't realize how much i missed that. Just being able to talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING; school, boys, future plans...Just talk. At least the time for spend-overs isn't over.

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