Wednesday, April 17, 2013

flirty findings

Tonight i went on a drink run with Miss Chaela and Miss Ariel (Miss Chaela's family calls it "getting a bev". Adorable, right?) and as we were getting in the car to come back to the apartments Miss Chaela goes "Emme, can i tell you about an awesome compliment you received the other day?" Rather surprised to here this i said "Sure?" because i really didn't know who would be talking about me or why, but by all means compliments are fab!

She tells me she'd been hanging out at one of the guys' apartments a little ways back (within the last week, i believe) and the conversation turns to girls and dating and whatnot. Kind of a dating panel situation where you can just ask whatever you feel and someone will give you an honest answer. These conversations can be rather handy when you actually have both genders represented but at the same time you can't always follow the advice to a T because everyone's different. Anywho. Dating conversation. Miss Chaela asks what it is about some girls that they just get asked out a lot (because you have the obvious super-hot-gorgeous chicks who you know just get asked out all the time, but then there are girls who are just absolute dolls and super cute such as yourself and you wonder what they're doing that you aren't kind of thing). The guys discuss a few qualities and then one of them (Hawaii #1) says "you just need to be like Emme. Like, she's the perfect balance of being sweet and showing she's interested without being overbearing". Huh. According to Hawaii #1 i'm the perfect flirt. Which really is quite the compliment (especially considering he's quite the dater). So ya. interesting because i don't consider myself to be all that expert in flirting or dating by any means but i try to be fun and just not too analytical about it (which is a challenge because over-thinking is easy to do). But ya. Apparently i'm good?

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