Sunday, September 2, 2012

you are you and that's perfect

The lesson in Relief Society today was by far my favorite. We discussed how we all feel awkward and down on ourselves when we’re meeting people and in groups. How we always second guess ourselves because we put the rest of the world on a pedestal. Why do we do that? We found that every single one of us thinks that. But why?? We didn’t necessarily dwell on the why but we moved on to the ‘how can we overcome this’? Part of it is the fake-it-till-you-make-it philosophy. You put yourself out there and just try. Eventually it doesn’t become so scary. Another part is realizing who you are. Not your name and major kind of whatever but really who you are as a spirit child of our Heavenly Father. We ALL have the most amazing divine potential and yet we hide in the dark because we’re afraid to let that light show. So you know what? Turn on that light bulb! Light that candle! Whatever lighting fixture you’ve got going on inside you, turn that sucker on and show the world just how dang amazing you are!

 Of course we weren’t told those exact words…but you get the gist. it’s ridiculous how the world has become a place where we’re always told that we aren’t enough so now no one believes in themselves. Absolute poppycock! This needs to change. So be happy with who you are and turn on that light!

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