Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bestie best buds

My brother and i like to be crazy. Like, i send him the most ridiculous letters with pictures i colored just because i want to make him laugh. Last week it was Digimon and Aang the Last Airbender and a wanted poster of Batman’s nemeses so he knows who to be on the lookout for. This week was a map of the grounds of Hogwarts because if he’s going to go there i don’t want him getting lost (i found the map online and just colored it in). Next week i’m sending him the official acceptance letter complete with a picture of an owl on the envelope. i don’t know where you would get a real owl to take the letter..

Pretty much he is my bestie best bud. i call him Ethypoo all of the time, especially in front of his friends. Whenever i’m at home we have an Emme and Ethan’s Day of Fun complete with soundtrack.

This last time he was able to drive because i am now a licensed Colorado driver of 21 years or over:

 This last time i also tried to steal his hat:

 He wasn’t too keen on that:

 And he tried to tell me to give it back:

 He’s the greatest kid and an AMAZING chef/baker man. His crepes and cinnamon rolls are to die for as well as the Christmas cookies he discovered a few years back. He has some big ambitions for school and someday owning a little cafe/pastry shop (similar to that of Gourmandise in Salt Lake City. if you haven’t been then get in your car and go now because it’s fabbity-fab-fab!). He’s just so dang awesome and i miss him every day…

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