Sunday, September 2, 2012

toe ring

While sitting in church today, i started looking at my toe ring. i didn’t take it off my toe or anything weird like that, i’m not THAT weird. But i was just looking at it sitting there on the second toe, the one next to the big one, the pointer toe? i never know what to call them…anyways. i realized that this small piece of jewelry i have had for almost 8 years. That’s right! And it has yet to break! i mean, i’ve used a couple other ones at different points in time to change things up but then they either turn my toe green/blue, or break :( , or get lost somehow. Not this one. At the Erie Town Fair during my freshman year of high school Liz and i were meandering the booths and i came across this little treasure. $8 and perfect. No crazy jewels because those catch on socks and things, simple wave design, exactly what i was looking for. Amazingly it still hasn’t broken. it may be silly but this seemingly insignificant piece of jewelry is a statement of who i am. And i love it. :)

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