Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Night Gamefest

 Sunday night is the night of ward prayer and nice notes, right? Well it's also the night when people generally end up playing games after ward prayer. Last night it just so happened that about six of us decided to play Backwards Apples-to-Apples (where you play the green cards to one red rather than red cards to green). it was actually rather funny because we then had to create a story with all of the red cards we won.

 Well by the time the game had ended a few more people had joined us and we decided another game was necessary: Truth or Dare Catchphrase. The game is played like normal Catchphrase but when the buzzer lands on you, you have to choose a truth or dare instead of the other team getting points. Well it ended up landing on me first. Not sure how daring i wanted to be i chose truth and had to answer who my crush in the ward is. One problem though. He was playing the game with us! Obviously i couldn't actually say his name because that's embarrassing all on its own and what if he isn't even interested? To get around it i ended up telling everyone that my crush was in the room with us. Since there were about four guys it gave them something to guess. Phew...

As the game continued there were questions about kisses and dares involving going in random ward members' apartments and completing a task. And one guy had to kiss the top of my foot...which actually wasn't so bad because the alternative was him pulling my toe ring off with his teeth...Ya. The last round comes and all is good, right? Well kind of. i had managed to avoid getting the buzzer since my truth question and it lands on my the last round! Since my last one was a truth i had to choose a dare (as per our rules). The options ranged from sucking on a guy's earlobe to sucking on his Adam's apple and i finally managed to barter it down to kissing a circle around his face (from forehead to chin to forehead). Oh my goodness.

The moral of this story is beware of Sunday Night Gamefest because the crazy ends up coming out in us and things get, well, crazy. Haha.

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