Saturday, June 15, 2013

"time sighed"...

i had the chance to start rereading my absolute favorite book again today. oh, how i love love!

"Beyond reason, beyond any sane rationalization, beyond anything reasonable, she was having her door currently opened by a man who she absolutely knew wasn't what he was pretending to be. 
    He held out his hand to help her out of the car. 
    And time stopped
    She wasn't one to indulge in thoughts of magical moments or slices of time where Karma was doing what she did, but she was left with no choice but to acknowledge that she was, unwillingly and with a good deal of unease, facing one of those moments. The world had gone still and quiet, as if it along with time held its breath for something monumental to happen. 
    Tess didn't dare look at John to see if he was wrapped up in the same bit of stardusty sort of stuff she was. She simply took a very careful breath and put her hand in his. 
     As if she'd done it a million unthinking, unremarkable times before. 
    Only she hadn't. 
    Time sighed."

(the link will take you to the B&N listing for the book One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland where this excerpt is from)

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