Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oh, how the cupcakes have turned

Today's attempts at baking fell....flat. Maybe the cupcakes sensed my excitement at finding another potentially phenomenal yellow cake recipe and thought it would be funny to make them volcano out of the tins.

Well guess what? it wasn't very funny. it was rather disappointing.

Which leads me to say that Yahoo! better check their recipes before claiming "it's the only yellow cake recipe you'll ever need". Psh! NOT TRUE. 1 FULL tablespoon of baking powder? Are you completely crazy? Baking powder is what makes the product (in this case cupcakes) rise. A typical recipe calls for maybe 1 1/2 teaspoons at the most. This recipe called for TWiCE that; it made me iffy but i figured i would try it out and see what happened.

it didn't work.

The frosting recipe associated with it on the other hand turned out rather delicious.

To go along with the frosting i decided i could just make some chocolate cupcakes and call it good. Except i didn't have sour cream for my go-to recipe so i used another.

Guess what? Those didn't turn out either. Just another sunken volcanic looking mess.

Oh, how the cupcakes have turned against me. No worries though, tomorrow is another day and they WiLL turn out beautiful. Just watch.

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