Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Rent signs and the crazies, they'll getcha...

...with their rude personalities!

You would think that someone who has a For Rent sign in their yard/window would be more than willing to let you come in and take a look at what the apartment has to offer. Or if they simply think you HAVE to schedule an appointment then they would let you know in a polite manner.

But no.

During the Great Apartment Hunt of 2013 Miss Momo and i went to multiple apartments where Provo is apparently stashing all the crazies. The first place (where i scheduled the original appointment) was adorable. The girl selling the contract was actually normal and super cute.

Then we went wandering (note: unless you're secure about yourself DON'T wander in Provo because you will be judged. Even by the crazies).

One girl gave us a tour like this: "This is our kitchen. Look at it. This is the hall closet. Look at it. This is the bathroom. This is the small bedroom. Look at it. This is my room, kinda messy. Look at it. i'll show you the upstairs bedroom. *proceed upstairs, past the kitchen* That's gross. *the girl in the room upstairs didn't want us to see her room. She gave a very curt "NO"* You can leave through the front door"

Seriously? First of all, we have eyes. OBVIOUSLY we are looking. Second, the look around had me bailing before i saw the rooms because i am NOT cleaning up after that kind of "gross" mess. Last, common curtesy dictates you show people to the door and see them on their way.

Every apartment we saw after that went very similar (minus the "look at it" bit). Thankfully we happened upon the apartment we've been searching for all along and we don't have to subject ourselves to the crazies anymore.

(Now, to be fair, maybe Miss Momo and i are the crazies because we still expect those kinds of manners from people. But still).

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