Thursday, June 13, 2013

cupcake redemption & a fabbity-fab-fab day

Did i say i would make beautiful cupcakes, or what? Check it out!

 i made sure to get the ingredients for the chocolate-sour cream cupcakes (i have NEVER had a bad batch of these) and then i got so excited at how beautifully they were baking that i went all out with the frosting. Each cupcake was double-dipped in chocolate ganache, cooled, and then frosted with a half-and-half frosting (half buttercream, half cream cheese) before they were drizzled with chocolate and butterscotch ganaches. Well, not each cupcake is the same as you can see. Some people don't like butterscotch so i left it off a few; and i did run out of frosting so i left some with just chocolate ganache because that is ALWAYS delicious.

i'd also gotten some cupcake boxes so that i could present them to a few lucky souls in the most beautiful of packaging. i added the refrigeration reminder and my mini logo (which i designed - or doodled - a couple of weeks ago).

i also designed a normal logo which i'm just loving! it's changed a smidge since i first drew it with a sharpie and some highlighters but this is the basic concept.

AND Mama Toth made the most genius of comments today and told me that i should get these trademarked so no one else uses them before i can actually get a business up and rolling. in talking with one of my friends it turns out he knows quite a bit about the ins and outs of starting a business (as he's done his own) and he's more than willing to help me. Huzzah!

That combined with the excitement of a cupcake decorating FHE this coming Monday where i get to make the cupcakes, a FANTASTiC day at work, AND i got to wear my new (and extremely comfortable) maxi skirt and jean jacket, AND i started rereading one of my favorite books just makes for fabbity-fab-fab day!

Life is good. Life is great. Life is fab!

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