Friday, June 13, 2014

when it's not right

it was a short-lived relationship between me and the ArmyMan. We'd been exclusive for a week before i got that pit in my stomach. i attributed it to school nerves since i was just beginning classes up at Westminster College for the summer. After i could tell the school nerves had dissipated, i could still feel that pit. i hadn't slept well for a couple of nights and so took the time to pray about why i was still feeling this way. What could possibly be wrong?

Then i knew why.

As much as i always thought if the ArmyMan and i were to be together it would be a for sure 'yes' isn't. it's quite the opposite. For whatever reason (which is unknown because he'd been a really great boyfriend) it isn't right  for us. And i knew it in my core.

When we ended up talking about it, he let me know that he'd actually had the same feeling for a few days; the feeling that we weren't right for each other.

Things ended with us wishing the best for each other and no hard feelings over our relationship not panning out. After all, it's best we follow that prompting and find what is right for us rather than try and force anything.

We are still friends, in a way. We're not not-friends but we also aren't buddy-buddy either. And i'm ok with that; because i know it's for the best and that things will work out in each of our favor in the end.

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