Friday, June 20, 2014

i didn't make my bed this week

My morning routine is just that – a routine. Wake up, brush teeth, contacts, make bed, get ready, go; always. Unfortunately though, this has become “almost always” due to the fact that i have not made my bed all week. 

To the Average Joe this is no big deal; a fairly common occurrence, in fact. For me? This is chaos. As a Type A, organizational, neat-freak everything has a place and everything needs to be in its place for the world to be right. My bed needs to be made a specific way, my clothes need to be folded (or hung) and put away, my sandals are paired in the darling basket by the door, the books are properly away on the shelves, and the extra blankets are folded neatly at the foot of the bed. There’s an order to all things.

This week though, has been Week 2 of the Montessori training program. i slowly got in the habit of simply going from brushing my teeth to getting ready for the day; thus, nixing making the bed altogether. 

My morning excuse is that i don’t have time (but let’s be real, it takes all of 90 seconds). This frame of mind is starting to bother me, though, because leaving an unkempt bed is not how i operate. it’s just not right!

“So just make your dang bed!” right?

Well…yes and no. Yes, because that’s where the self-control of life comes in and i can just do it. No, because…well because. i realize that isn’t an acceptable answer (do all answers in life have to be acceptable?).

The whole point of this post is not to debate whether or not I am capable of making my bed (obviously, I am). The point is that I haven’t made my bed this week. And that is all.

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