Thursday, May 16, 2013

the office: i want that

Ok, so i don't want an office environment like in The Office. While it's hilarious to watch, i don't know if i could handle a boss like Michael Scott.


As i watch the hilariosity ensue, the characters develop, the story unfold, relationships begin and end and continue, i just can't get over Jim and Pam's relationship. How freaking cute are they? Too cute, that's how much (considering cuteness isn't a measurable "object" it's amazing that you can be too much of it). So ya. Jim and Pam? Adorable. And realistic; you see these movie romances which are great but would never ever happen. This is just a couple of best friends who make each other laugh because they're the same kind of goofy and they get each other. And THAT is what i want; simple, real, meaningful, thoughtful, silly, and all the good things. :)

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