Saturday, May 11, 2013

taco bell or little caesar's? that is the question

Whilst out shopping with Miss Momo we had the following conversation trying to decide between Taco Bell and Little Caesar's pizza for dinner (We needed something cheap. We are still college students after all):

Momo: i am going to ask you three questions and from your answers we'll know which one you're craving more.

Me: Haha sounds good.

Momo: First question. What...were you doing at 11am this morning?

Me: entry?

Momo: Did it take a long time? (the first question was two parts)

Me: Ya, kind of. it's a project i'm still working on.

Momo: Ok. i am analyzing that answer. Now. if you could take a trip anywhere at all today, well tomorrow actually because today is over, where would you go?

Me: Scotland.

Momo: Ok....and if you were a shape what shape would you be?

Me: Ummmm....a diamond. Even though technically my teacher told us we're not supposed to call them that. it's a "rhombus". Well i think "diamond" is cooler.

Momo: interesting, ya. Well let me just compute your answers and we'll know where you want to eat. *pretending to fiddle with a computer* Ok so i'm just trying to see any kind of similarity in these.

Me: Do you want Cinnamon Twists?

Momo: Ya i'm kind of leaning towards Taco Bell but your answers were very clearly stating Little Caesar's.

Me: Hahaha Taco Bell it is.

 Ya. This is how we make decisions.

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