Saturday, May 11, 2013

18 and 22

This is a very special weekend due to the fact that it holds both mine and Ethypoo's birthdays. i get my day and then the next is his. it's a pretty big deal for us considering we're best buds.
Aren't we cute?

But these aren't just any birthdays, Ethypoo is a legal adult now. That little guy (who really isn't so little anymore) is 18. Weird! And if pictures are any indicator he hasn't changed too much since he was a kiddo...



Still rockin' the shades (what you don't see in the Then picture is that he's also riding one of dad's walking canes like a horse. it got cut out due to having to crop myself out of this picture because i was really looking like a wonky with some scarves and dress-up craziness).

And me? Well i'm...22!

This year is so great that there's even a song dedicated to it. Heck yes! Normally i don't really feel all that different on my birthday but this year is a little weird. Last year i became an actual adult, like with the landscape drivers license and everything. But this year? That's old news! i'm just a regular old grown-up now.

Which, "grown-up" is more an indicator of my age than how i act all the time considering i still make blanket forts to do my homework in and i make make-believe potions with the kids i babysit. But those kinds of throwbacks are for another post.

This year's celebrations consisted of the greatest things in life: family, best friends, FRIENDS (the TV show), books, baking paraphernalia, clothes, nacho (a classic Toth family dish) and German Sweet Chocolate Cake.

Crushed it!

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