Thursday, February 28, 2013

things i love and things i hate

Today on my way home from work i ran into something i hate. (No, i did not literally run into something. The occurrence of something i hate happened and led me to consider this list because i needed to think of things i love to make the angry things-i-hate-thoughts go away).

things i H-A-T-E:

- dirty dishes 
- awkward social situations
- when my pen runs out of ink
- being late
- smoggy sunlight
- being sick 
- slow drivers
- when my flight is late
- breaking a nail 
- walking behind slow people (i may be short but if i'm walking somewhere i just want to get there)
- running out of food
- hitting snooze too many times 
- boring movies
- feeling overwhelmed
- creepy crawly things 
- when my favorite show isn't on Hulu for viewing yet (i'm not about to pay for Hulu+)
- but the one thing that just takes the cake in this list is when drivers are absolute jerks because they can't take the extra 30 seconds to turn around like a normal person (i shouldn't even say 'cake' and this hateful thing in the same breath because i love cake).

See, there's this one traffic light on a main road where the far right lane become right turn only. Nothing abnormal, right? Wrong. Because right across the light from that lane there's a bus stop which means there's plenty of room for people to zoom (illegally) through the light and cut off the folks who got over when the sign clearly stated the lane was right turn only. Or they WAIT the whole light cycle in the turn lane to then zoom in front of you. Seriously? You can't just turn right and turn around to get back to the light? Well blah to you, sirs and madams!

things i L-O-V-E:

- getting a new book
- Dr Pepper
- walking into Barnes & Noble
- playing with my nieces and nephews
- singing at the top of my lungs (when the key is in my favor and i actually sound decent)
- rainy days
- the Christiansen mix of Dr Pepper and Diet Coke
- my teddy bear from Brave (one of the cutest things you've seen in your whole life)
- hot chocolate
- zombie shows
- Pitch Perfect
- sweat pants
- cupcakes
- Tinker Bell
- Joe Bandido's salsa
- mismatching my socks
- Cupcake Wars
- dyeing my hair
- reading
- my family (and probably yours too because i'm sure they're fab folks)
- Casa Salza salsa
- baking
- drink runs
- going to sleep (have you ever been so excited that you get to finally go to sleep that you are suddenly too excited and can't actually fall asleep? ya...happens frequently...)
- being introduced to new songs/artists
- fairy tales
- finding new recipes
- getting my haircut
- cover songs
- getting an A on a test/assignment
- books with 'awesome' in the title
- Disney movies
- being done with classes for the day
- painting my nails with an accent nail
- learning interesting things that make me more excited to be a future educator
- FRIENDS (the TV show)
- friends (as in my real life friends)

Notice i made the hateful list significantly shorter because i would rather not burden you so deeply with my crazy. But can you tell which hateful thing inspired the list making? Ya, me neither (sarcasm intended) 

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