Tuesday, February 26, 2013

it's a cupcake kind of world

if you know me in real life (or even from my about me section) then you know that i love cupcakes. The odd thing is that it's only been in the last year that this has become apparent.

it all started with the discovery of Dr Pepper cupcakes on Pinterest. Dr Pepper is one of my all time favorite things in the whole wide world, so Dr Pepper cupcakes have to be equally amazing, right? After perusing a few recipes i found one that wasn't quite so involved and my love of cupcakes was born.

i soon began searching all over Pinterest for the best cupcake recipes i could find. See it isn't necessarily the eating of the cupcakes i love most (although i do love to eat them); it's the creating. Pulling all of the ingredients together and coming up with something fantastically delicious. The decorating makes them almost too cute to eat and then i get to share them. One of the greatest feelings is someone telling me that my cupcakes are delicious; seriously, hands-down one of the best.

My love of baking has led to some changes in my life goals. i'm still ecstatic to become an elementary school teacher. This semester has been my favorite because i just love my classes. i'm also only a year away from actually getting to teach and i just can't wait. But someday i want my passion for baking to become more than just passing them out to my friends. i've seen everything there is on Cupcake Wars, Cupcake Champions and been to several cupcakeries in the area. Someday i hope to open my own cupcakery (which i don't know if it's actually a word but i'm using it anyways). i want to teach for a while and then maybe take some business classes and get a degree in management or something. i can open up shop and share my love of cupcakes with the rest of the community. i would say world but i'm trying to be realistic.

So, in honor of this awe-inspiring new life goal i would like to share with you the few cupcake items i have collected over these last few months.

Mickey Mouse measuring cups, oven mitt, and molds (courtesy of Miss Calah):

Sifter, frosting tips, cupcake cookie cutters, and bottle for decoration:

Measuring spoons with cupcakes printed on the metal (courtesy of Miss Momo)


  1. Amber and I want to buy a piece of land next to Tovah's school and build a "Cupcakery"/Coffee "Shoppery" there. So you can teach in the morning and cupcake at night. Then I can have all the free samples I want! Muahahahaha

    1. i love this idea! we're totally doing it. done and done.