Tuesday, February 26, 2013

music pt. 65

i am obsessed with music. This usually wouldn't be a problem, except i can't decide on a song. Usually i find a favorite song and listen to it on repeat for days and days. When i say repeat i mean i listen to it probably 100 times each day. Then i find a new favorite song and the cycle continues. But this last week...i've had several songs and i have a hard time deciding which one i want to listen to. i just keep skipping through them, listening to half of a song, and then switching again. i've posted them below so that you can feel my pain, because they really are all phenomenal songs.


  1. You need to just choose "Put down the gun" by ZZ Ward. Great and tragic song. You seem like a soulful jazz person. Also "Change" by Churchill. Or for a more fiery occasion, "Man like that" by Gin Wigmore.

    1. i love ALL of these songs! i've been listening to them all afternoon. any other songs you wanna send my way?