Friday, October 19, 2012

witchy weekend

Every October Gardner Village puts on WitchFest. Basically the adorable little shops stay open till 10PM, everything is decked out all Halloween-ish and witchy, there's music blaring (a good variety too, like 80's and 90's stuff), and EVERYONE is dressed up. Majority are women (obviously. it is a witch fest after all) but you do get the few guys who come and get decked out too. One year we saw Batman there. No joke.

Anywho, this year we had all the girls come out from Colorado, except Brytt and the kiddos got sick :(. So she was there in spirit...

But we got to stay the weekend in Midway and veg and shop and eat lots of yummy food. One such place, a delectable place with cheesecake chimichangas, lets you color on the paper tablecloths. Genius! What did we end up with?

Tehya decided to draw the Earth's creation or something. Here we have Adam and Eve. Except instead of Adam it's Joey (from FRIENDS) saying "how you doin?"

We then decided it was time for the park (as the kids insisted). Which was actually pretty dang awesome as the park had a dinosaur. Who can argue with that?

Tehya was picking its nose...

And then they did their best dead dinosaur pose. (i realize Kaden isn't a girl and is at our girls weekend but the poor kid couldn't be left out of the awesome trip to Utah)

THEN came the glorious event that is WitchFest. The girls made the most adorable tutus and Calah and i had our fancy masquerade masks that Hyrum brought us back from Spain. Pretty much fantastic.

AND we discovered Kierston's wondrous talent of makeup and nails. Not that we didn't know she was good before, but the woman never ceases to amaze as she did ALL of our makeup.

Now. Every sunny weekend has to have a rainy day, right? Maybe it's not an actual rule but it totally proved true for our weekend. That rainy day happened to be the one day we had an outdoor event. But don't you worry. We made sure to have a wonderfully long time at dinner while trying to wait it out. And when that proved to be in vain we went anyways! it was very cold. And late.

We decided milkshakes were in order and poor Tehya had to decide between sleeping in the car and drinking her shake. Except, like the guy in the new Coke Zero commercial says, "who wants OR anymore? What about AND?" So she attempted to drink the shake and sleep at the same time. Needless to say we moved the cup to avoid any spills.

The rest of the weekend was some more shopping and good food. And when there's shopping there's obviously driving and Tehya and i got bored...

To round off a lovely weekend i made sure to bring my baking supplies so i could make some witchy cupcakes with the girls :) Now. The cupcakes themselves tasted weird. i blame the flour because who knows how long it's been in those cupboards. BUT how adorable, right?

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