Thursday, October 25, 2012

i want to run away (the fake kind)

Sometimes i just want to run away. But not the real kind. My running away involves curling up in a comfy blanket on my bed with cozy music or a movie and diving into a book for hours.

 The weather has turned. Clouds rolled across the sky earlier this week and have been here to stay. Yesterday it rained. This morning it snowed. Granted it was only enough to frost the ground but the point is, snowflakes were falling from the sky.

Which means it is perfect "running away" weather. Time to cozy up in my sweats with my hot cocoa and have something playing in the background. i almost always have music or a movie on because i really don't like the quiet. it makes me feel unsettled.

i could run to Hogwarts and join the battle against Voldemort. Maybe i'll go to the Nine Kingdoms and defend the world from Gair's evil doings. i could assist the rebels in The Hunger Games or solve crime in Lake Eden. NeverNeverland is just around the corner as is italy and the land of the giants and Guilder.

i want to run away for hours and stay safe and sound in my room.

Alas...that is for another day. Homework and real life call and i must answer or fail. And we really can't have that.

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