Sunday, October 21, 2012

"An Awesome Book" Dallas Clayton

Whilst watching TV shows on Hulu an ad came on about this guy wanting to publish a book. No publisher wanted it but he persisted and ended up doing the book online and sharing it with all his friends. it ended up making its way around the world and everyone wanted copies. So he gave them copies (i'm assuming he printed them or something, i didn't pay attention to specifics). His whole point was that he didn't want to publish a book for the sake of being a published author or whatever. it was to share an idea that's important to him. One of dreaming big dreams and never losing the magic in that. Dallas Clayton has now written/illustrated several more books and i am in love with them all. So read up, enjoy, and dream as big as you can!

The following link will send you to his website where you can read the book for free and bask in the awesomeness that are his other books.

An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton

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