Thursday, May 1, 2014

graduation week

it's official, folks. i am a college graduate! And it is the weirdest feeling. Up until now i've always been in school; always preparing for the next year; everything leading up to this. And now it's done.

The fam in all of their awesomeness came to Utah for the week of my graduation to play with me and Miss Calah (and her family). We missed a couple of the boys and Miss Kierston's family due to previous engagements and whatnot but we did have everyone else. Which is quite the feat considering how big our family is.

it was simply lovely having the nieces and nephews here to play and seeing my siblings. They have always had my best interests at heart and i love them to pieces! This was also the first time we had all of the Toth sisters together in several years where we could sit and talk and simply enjoy. Of course we get together at the holidays but this was different. it's funny to see how similar we all are; our laughs, our phrasing, etc. if i do say so myself, we are also pretty darn funny (the whole fam is really).

Aren't they just fab? (PS i'm still waiting on a picture of me with all of the girls so the selfies will have to suffice).

with the parents

with Misses Bryttney and Kierston

with Miss Calah

with Matt and Hyrum - Morgan and Ethan are honorarily there

We spent several days at the Midway house since it had the space to hold us all. We celebrated with cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy (only the best) for my graduation AND Mom's birthday AND Miss Tovah's birthday (which just so happened to be the very same day as my convocation). 

She really is just adorable and crazy smart and crazy creative. An all around awesome kid. :)

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