Wednesday, September 3, 2014

beginning a new life

it's week three of my new life as a real honest-to-goodness elementary school teacher. Let me tell you, it is no walk in the park; but i love it to pieces. The first day was better than i could have hoped for. i introduced myself, everyone met everyone, and the class began on some basic regular works as well as some free works. it went smoothly and surprisingly all of last year's students now returning as second and third years remembered me (mind you, this is after i only met them a couple of times and then didn't see them for three months). it was adorable! i got so many hugs and it just melted my heart.

The following two weeks have not been the easiest in my life but they have been fulfilling. While it's difficult work and i can feel myself beginning to let the stress in (some tears may have been shed yesterday) it's a work i love and i'm excited to go back each day. My 26 little students have become so precious to me and i want to see them all succeed and grow to their fullest potential. Some days are tough for different students; this makes it a little tough on me and Miss Julie. However, it never makes me love those students any less. i may not quite understand their situation or their choice to do something, but i love them anyways because they are my student. By taking on this role as teacher, i have chosen to help teach them how to make better choices. How else are any of us going to learn the ins and outs of anything without a few mistakes along the way?

Why, just the other day i incorrectly taught how to write a 'c' in cursive. i thought it looked rather funny and it wasn't until i had written it in a word that i realized my mistake. Right then i called for my students' attention and let them know that i had made a mistake and fixed it by showing them properly. The responses were heart-warming; "it's ok Miss Emme, we all make mistakes", "Ya, we're not always 100% right all the time", and so on.

You know, even though the beginning can be a wee smidge rough, it's the moments like those that tell me that am 100% in the right career. i couldn't imagine not being there to see the light shine behind those children's eyes and see them grow, if only a little so far (even when they don't particularly love a work they've been assigned).

My thoughts are a little haphazardly woven together but that's ok. At least my professional notes are well-articulated. As i explained to one second year girl who asked why i love that sideways eight so much (the infinity symbol), i love the idea of good things forever. That's what i think when i see infinity and that's what i think when i teach these children. They are at a new start of forever and i want to help them develop all the good things for a great forever.

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