Sunday, July 13, 2014

weekly doodles pt. 5

Prepare for an overload of doodles. You have been warned!

This week consisted of a lot of mini-doodles, lyrics, and lists as i began to practice my cursive (apparently Montessorians begin their cursive in the wee ages and i need to make sure i'm proficient in this aspect). i began depleting my creativity early in the week and enlisted the help of sirs Mattycakes and The Lawyer (and occasionally Batman) for ideas. They did not disappoint.

Explore (it's a makeshift map of the world!)

flora pt. 4

a is for apple


modern art (as requested by Mattycakes)

Hogwarts & grounds map (as requested by Mattycakes)

action scene featuring Waldo (as requested by Mattycakes)

Bob Dragon (as requested - and named - by The Lawyer)

Ronald Rhino (as requested by Mattycakes)

Matt's mini-moose (as requested by Mattycakes)

Patrick, Spongebob, & Squidward minis (as requested by Mattycakes)

Gerome the mini giraffe (as requested by Mattycakes)

Sherlock vs. Awesome Ninja (as requested by Mattycakes)

the conclusion of Sherlock vs. Awesome Ninja (apparently the ninja wasn't supposed to win)

 Patrick Bartholomew Panda (as requested by Mattycakes)

a castle (as requested by The Lawyer)

Excalibur - something heroic (as requested by Batman)

we wrote cinquain poems in class this week

we also wrote diamante poems

i asked for a cool quote and got this (also, i don't know how to draw taquitos...)

Mattycakes' response to a cool quote in German

Apparently the first try was grammatically poor, so it was revised

i want to get lost in a book

Je t'aime mon cher!

i love you

"we are the world"

Toth family stick figure portrait

"once upon a dream"

"time stood still...and Fate sighed"


 things i find beautiful

someday i'll travel to all these places

"let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height"

"so this is this is what makes life a dream"

"a dream is a wish your heart makes"

"you'll be in my heart"

things i love

the lyrics to Grandma Peterson's goodnight lullaby

the rest of the lyrics

Bubble Guppies (little Miss Evie's fave)

"i'll be there for you"

"oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, golly, what a day!"

"there's no place like home"

"somewhere, beyond the sea..."

"take my hand, i'll teach you to dance..."

"Monsters Inc. We scare because we care"

"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" (Leonardo da Vinci)

"and at last i see the light!"

"Je t'ador! Je t'aime! Evangeline!"

"hail to the princess Aurora!"

the shooting star

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