Monday, September 2, 2013

it's finally here, folks!

it's finally here, folks! My last ever year of being an undergrad. And i'm determined to make it the best year yet!

i'm all moved into my new apartment with new roommates and everything. it was definitely terrifying at first; i've never not known at least one roommate before the start of a new academic year. Thankfully, my roommates are all rock stars (not literally, but they are pretty fab). i've finally attended the new ward at church and i think things are going to be just fine. The Relief Society president even told us she's just had the feeling that amazing things are going to be happening with this group of sisters (i'll keep you posted on all of our awesomeness, don't you worry yourselves about it).

My baking is finally taking off again as i've baked consistently over the last few weeks. The Lemon Bundt Cake of Sunshine is slowly becoming my specialty. Miss Calah says it's her absolute fave out of everything that i've made so far. She even had me make one for her boss's birthday last week (aka Mr. Boss Man). He's a very healthy eater and doesn't usually sample the cupcakes i bring to work but he ate TWO whole slices of the lemon! Hence why that was his birthday cake. We surprised him by just leaving it on his desk when he was in a meeting. He told me later that day that "it's the meanest present anyone has ever given me because i want to eat the whole thing and i can't". So, being the kind sir that he is, he decided to share it with anyone who wanted some. So Miss Calah and i brought in the whole of Finance and a few of the execs. One of the guys even told me "that cake is off the chizaaaaiinnn!" Which i believe means it was a success. This week i'll bring in chocolate cupcakes and see how those go over.

For Little Miss Evie's 2nd birthday (that's right! She's already 2!) i made her Mickey Mouse cupcakes. They turned out phenomenal and i found myself the perfect baking assistant. One of friend's daughters is about 10 and just the cutest thing. She helped me make the frosting, frost the cupcakes, and decorate them. So much fun! Didn't they turn out fab?

i realize that none of that has anything to do with school, but it's all about the mental preparations, right? Making sure that my first day outfit is all ready, things are in order, books are purchased, my planner is organized, and such. Those things are all just part of keeping my mental and emotional health in check so i don't stress out too much. As far as baking goes, i think my roommates and ward mates will think it's an essential part of my mental health too. Haha.

So here goes nothing. Preparations are done. Tomorrow i begin to actually apply everything i've been learning the last couple of years into methods. i get to learn the HOW of teaching subjects instead of only learning the subjects. Come October i get to begin Practicum where, three days a week, i'll be helping out in real classrooms.

Come January? Student Teaching! So, ready or not, here i come! (i am ready, though, i promise).

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