Monday, March 25, 2013

life lately

i had this whole idea in my head about how this post was going to so eloquently describe how my life has been lately. And then i went shopping and i can't bring to mind the eloquence of those thoughts. So, sorry; you're just gonna have to deal with my random ramblings.

Life has been good. Great even. Only four weeks of class left and i still have A's in all of my classes (since when is that even possible any more?)

i registered for a teachers conference that's in Provo next month which sounds absolutely AMAZING: tons of great speakers talking about what's actually going on in schools nowadays. Who could say no to that? Not me.

One of the guys at work also got me an interview with his kids' principal for a possible student-teaching position! Seriously?? Yes. Which means i just have to actually meet with her and then talk to my adviser if it's even possible to pick the school i student-teach at since i've already got a contact there. i'm honestly crossing my fingers (and trying not to squeal) at the possibility of this happening.

Could life be more fab right now? (i do hope you read this in your best Chandler voice). The answer? Yes, yes it can. Recent developments in my dating life tell me i'm actually a pretty fab person to date (which, let's face it, we all knew but now we know that the boys are aware of this too haha).

So life lately? Well it's just fab :)

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