Wednesday, November 21, 2012

bakery field trip

Yesterday i had the grand opportunity to take most of the kids on a bakery field trip for a class project.

My sisters were willing to join me with their kids (and day care) to go to the King Soopers bakery for a tour. There was a small glitch in the plans when the bakery manager wasn't there to give us our tour until about half an hour later. But Amber, being the angel that she is, got the kids some juice and snacks for while we waited. it totally threw me off when we had 30 minutes to kill because as much as we talk about all of these strategies in my classes, when i got the chance for practical application my mind kind of blanked.

BUT the manager did arrive and the kids loved the tour!

Checking out all of the decorated cakes:

She's explaining how they get all of their bread made each day:

They got to see how the bakery slices their bread:

And try some:

Mission accomplished.

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